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Henry H and Sarah (Stewart) Wilcox

Henry_and_Sarah_Stewart_Wilcox-2.jpgHenry H Wilcox was born in 20 December 1785 in Stonington, CT.  As I wrote on the Wilcox Family Page, it is unknown who his parents were, but I have reason to believe that he is a direct decendent of Stephen Wilcox and Hannah Hazzard, Hannah being the daughter of Thomas Hazard mentioned in the former page.  Two of Stephen and Hannah's sons moved to Stonington, while the rest of his children remained in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Henry listed Connecticut as his place of birth on all recorded census forms, as did his son Richard and daughter Minerva as their father's place of birth.  In 1910, however, Henry's daughter Mary listed her father's place of birth as Rhode Island.  No doubt Mary was confused, but it does lend further evidence to which family Henry decended from as he would be related to both the Rhode Island and Connecticut Wilcox's.  The fact that I cannot trace his parental connection is more than likely due to his absence from records in Connecticut.  If he left Connecticut at an early age, he would in essence leave no paper trail for future researchers to track him.  Regardless of his parentage, Henry shows up in the records again in 1850, as a resident of Warren County, Illinois.  He more than likely moved to Illinois in the mid-1830s when lands were first opened up to settlers in the Military Tract.  He would marry Sarah Stewart from Tennessee, also of unknown parentage, and father his first child in 1836.  Apparently the family moved around quite a bit in the first years in Illinois.  According to various documents daughter Mary Ann was born in Monmouth, Warren County in 1836, daughter Minerva in Rock Island County in 1838, and son Nathan in 1846 in Henderson County.  They finally settled in Ellison Township of Warren County where he farmed for a living owning $800 in property.  In the 1855 Illinois census he is recorded as owning $512 in live stock and 62lbs of wool. Tax records from the same year list him as owning two plots of land, one of 40 acres and the other just over 10 acres with a combined value of $322 (appraised value). By 1860, his real value was up to $1250, while his personal property was $297.  In the 1870 census, Henry is oddly listed under the name "George Wilcox," although all of the other data listed supports that it is in fact Henry. In that year his real value was up to $2350 and personal propert at $610.  While not rich, by any means, these figures show that he was a very successful farmer and built a sizable farming operation.  Henry died 28 April 1874, and is buried in Center Grove Cemetery in Kirkwood, IL.  After Henry's death, Sarah moved to Kirkwood, Illinois where she would live until her death on 24 Mar 1890.


Birth: 20 Dec 1785 in Stonington, Connecticutt          Death: 28 Apr 1874 in Warren, Illinois

Burial: Center Grove Cemetery, Kirkwood, Warren, Illinois





Birth: 11 May 1810 in Sullivan, Tennessee          Death: 24 Mar 1890 in Warren, Illinois from Old Age

Burial: 26 Mar 1890 in Center Grove Cemetery, Kirkwood, Warren, Illinois





Birth: 22 Jul 1836 in Monmouth, Warren, Illinois          Death: 08 May 1925 in Lenox, Warren, Illinois

Burial: 10 May 1925 in Center Grove Cemetery, Warren, Illinois

Marriage: 01 Jan 1874 in Warren, Illinois to ANDREW BOWMAN


Birth: 10 Jun 1838 in Rock Island, Illinois          Death: 09 Mar 1917 in Kirkwood, Warren, Illinois

Burial: 11 Mar 1917 in Center Grove Cemetery, Kirkwood, Warren, Illinois

Marriage: 03 Oct 1854 in Warren, Illinois to SOLOMON REZNER

Marriage 2: 17 Nov 1864 in Warren, Illinois to WILLIAM NOAKES


Birth: 16 Oct 1841 in Illinois          Death: 06 Oct 1907

Burial: Salem Cemetery, Ellison, Warren, Illinois

Marriage: 21 Feb 1861 in Warren, Illinois to MARY JANE WOODS


Birth: 10 Mar 1846 in Henderson, Illinois          Death: 03 Mar 1922 in Lenox, Warren, Illinois 

Burial: 05 Mar 1922 in Center Grove Cemetery, Warren, Illinois

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