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Daniel and Margaret Elizabeth (Wier) Hines


Left to Right: Walter, Daniel, Mary, Irene, Emma, Margaret, Perry, and George Hines, ca. 1900.

Daniel Hines was born 26 Jan 1848 in Abbotts Creek, Davidson County, North Carolina, the third child of Solomon and Phoebe Bodenhamer Hines.  Daniel grew up in the Abbotts Creek area, just west of the town of Wallburg.  According to the 1860 census, at the age of 11, Daniel, as well as his siblings, did not attend school.  He was 16 years old when his father died and likely continued to live with his mother, though would be financially supported by Jacob Yokely, who was appointed as ward of the minor Hines children.  A steady flow of Davidson County’s citizens made their way to Illinois throughout the 1800s.  Many of them settled in southern McDonough County and northern Schuyler County.  Daniel joined this migration in 1868 when he was 20 years old.  The 1870 census shows Daniel working as a farm laborer and living with Samuel and Martha Morris.  This living arrangement is likely how he met his wife Margaret Elizabeth Wier, as Samuel Morris was her uncle and lived just up the road.  The couple were married 26 Jul 1870 in Lamoine Township, at the home of Mary Ann Wier, Margaret’s mother.  Margaret was born 18 Nov 1852 in Plymouth, Illinois.  The fourth child of Brummel Wier and Mary Ann Morris.  She grew up in Lamoine Township where she also attended school through the age of 17.  She was raised by her mother, her father having died when she was 6, and later her step-father George Harrison whom her mother married in 1866. 

Daniel and Margaret purchased 80 acres of land in the NW quarter of the SE quarter of section 26 in Lamoine Township on 27 Mar 1873.  The land was previously owned by Margaret’s father, Brummel, and $300 was paid to her mother and siblings for sole ownership.  They lived and raised the first three children on this land, which Daniel farmed, for 8 years until they sold in to Phebe Fernow for $800.  Just months later, in July 1881, they purchased 80 acres in the north half of the NW quarter of section 35 of the same township for $1350 from Samuel and Martha Morris.  They later purchased an additional adjoining 80 acres in the north half of the NE quarter.  This land was the same that Daniel farmed when he worked for Samuel, and remained in the Hines family until the 1940s.  The 3 younger children were born and raised on this farm.

The family belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church, and attended the nearby Scott’s M E Church.  The 1880 census lists Margaret as suffering from a “nervous disability.”  It is hard to discern from what she actually suffered, as the term could include dozens of conditions that are characterized as different ailments in today’s medicine.  However, given that she was only 28 at the time, it was likely a physical ailment that she suffered from rather than a mental one.  Margaret passed away 16 Mar 1917 in Plymouth, at the age of 64.  Daniel continued to farm at least to the age of 72, however his health began to fail over the following years, and he eventually was admitted to the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois.  The Peoria State Hospital is widely considered to be an “insane asylum,” but given his advanced age, it is likely that he suffered from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.  He died 10 Mar 1927 at the hospital and was buried next to Margaret in Scott’s Cemetery.


Birth: 26 Jan 1848 in Abbott’s Creek, Davidson, North Carolina          Death: 10 Mar 1927 in Peoria State Hospital, Peoria, Illinois

Burial: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois

Marriage: 24 Dec 1871





Birth: 18 Nov 1852 in Plymouth, Illinois          Death: 16 Mar 1917 in Plymouth, Illinois

Burial: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois





Birth: 09 Sep 1872 in Lamoine, McDonough, Illinois        Death: 23 May 1963 in Macomb, McDonough, Illinois

Burial: 26 May 1963 in Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois

Marriage: 28 Mar 1905 to CORA A TOLON

Marriage 2: 11 Sep 1950 in Mt Sterling, Brown, Illinois to IDA SWIFT WILLY


Birth: 06 Sep 1875 in Plymouth, Illinois          Death: 31 Dec 1966 in Jet, Alfalfa, Oklahoma

Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Alfalfa, Oklahoma

Marriage: 06 Jan 1898 in McDonough, Illinois to GEORGE MORTIMER LAWYER


Birth: 20 Apr 1879 in Illinois          Death: 30 May 1962 in Galesburg, Knox, Illinois

Burial: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois

Marriage: 11 Feb 1904 to GEORGIETTA MASON


Birth: 09 Sep 1883 in Plymouth, McDonough, Illinois          Death: 09 Dec 1968 in Oregon

Burial: Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Josephine, Oregon

Marriage: 16 dec 1903 to AMOS SCOTT WELBORN


Birth: 14 Oct 1888 in Near Plymouth, McDonough, Illinois          Death: 05 May 1971 in Monmouth, Warren, Illinois

Burial: 07 May 1971 in Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois

Marriage: 28 Oct 1909 to GRACE OLIVE YOUNG


Birth: 06 Apr 1893 in Illinois          Death: 26 May 1987 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Burial: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel, McDonough, Illinois

Marriage: 05 Feb 1916 in Colchester, McDonough, Illinois to GEORGE EUGENE WEAR

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